Dear Parents / Guardians 


It gives me enormous pleasure and privilege to welcome you all to Intensive International Academy & College. We have successfully completed 30th year of glorious academic excellence providing quality education to the society and the nation. We encourage and challenge our students to develop the knowledge and skills of lifelong learners. The school promotes the attitudes and profiles of Secondary School years programmes and College years programmes and the ideals of international understanding. We encourage our young people to become responsible, internationally minded global citizens of the world. Our goal is that all members of our school & college community will be critical and compassionate thinkers and lifelong learners who respect the variety of cultures and attitudes that make up the diversity of the world.

Based on LCRPA model, our learning environment contrive on "Cultured based education with educating the Hearts."

IIA& College students enjoy an atmosphere that encourages Learning- an atmosphere of inspiration, trust, guidance and appreciation for each individual. Our educators are highly skilled, enthusiastic and committed to their students' achievement and personal fulfillment. We also have a solid commitment to foster in our students a strong sense of community, mutual respect and compassion for others, 

I welcome and wait for an opportunity to share our programme with you.

Warm regards!


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